Rendezvous are an electro prog pop duo who utilise analogue and vintage equipment to create dream like soundcapes and infectious synth melodies that have already captivated a massive audience via their making of blogs on youtube channel.

C Sharp is their debut single and a prelude to their first full length release, Another Round Please, that’s due sometime in the Autumn. The single is a wonderful instrumental track that brings to mind the likes of Air, Royskopp and even the spacey flights of fancy that Pink Floyd performed around the Meddle era.

Whilst the opening version of C Sharp (the radio edit) is impressive, it’s the expansive¬† six and half minute album version that deserves all the attention, witch really sees Rendezvous create a lush and dreamy piece that had this reviewer drifting into a world of science fiction fantasty and space exploration. Superstar DJ Carl Cox pops up on a further two mixes of C Sharp adding his unqiue twist and vision to proceedings, adding further percussion and bleeps to an already womderful and potent mix.

As opening salvos go, C Sharp is a delicious slab of expressive electro that whets the appetite for the forthcoming album and should see the band cement their place as the most exciting electro group on the planet.

Rhythm & Booze Rating 10

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Rendezvous-C Sharp, 7.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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