What can I tell you about The Dirt Tracks?, well in truth not too much the band are a Valencia (Spain) based five-piece who first formed way back in 200o under the name of Oddshow, the band went through a number of line-up changes before their pessistant hard work paid off in 2006 with the release of their debut album, Puppets that was received with critical acclaim in their native country. Since then the band have continued to devel0p their sound whilst working on their second album, Shapes.

Never Been To Mars is the brand new single by the Spanish quintet and also their first real bid to find favour here in the UK, the band mix up a number of different and varied influences to create impressive indie epics complete with subtle electronica and outbursts of dense post rock. The main title track is a stunning introduction to the band and their unique take on indie rock, chiming guitars, the aforementioned subtle electronics, soaring vocals and a hook-laden chorus help create an infectious sound that has me instantly thinking of a catchier more condensed Muse.

House Of Dolls is equally as impressive, the track is slower and perhaps a little more melancholic than Never Been To Mars, the track begins slowly before layers of guitar are added to create an epic almost cinematic indie anthem complete with the obligatory rise and fall, a post rock influenced wall of riffs and a delightful mournful croon that wouldn’t sound too out of place on the best of Radiohead.

The trio of tracks is completed with The Square a lengthy, infatuating number that comes complete with a number of dramatic time changes, clicking drumsticks, almost falsetto vocals and enough twists and turns to keep any indie rock fan glued to their seat with their headphones on hovering over the repeat button.

The Dirt Tracks have created a unique and intriguing vision on the evidence of the three tracks on offer here, ech of which have enough going on to really hook the listener in and leave them wanting more. If you’re after a Brit-pop throw back look elsewhere, if however you want your music to challenge and invigorate whilst leaving you aching for more I highly recommend you track down The Dirt Tracks.

Rhythm & Booze Rating 9


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The Dirt Tracks-Never Been To Mars, 8.9 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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