Album A Hound at the Hem released Dec 1st via DFA Records

How does one describe music so off-kilter and alluring that it was once written off by a world too stupid to know better—but later discovered by the aesthetes at DFA, Slim Twig? If Scott Walker had gotten as weird as Climate of Hunter—and no weirder—and was still making cracking tunes that Marc Almond could fully get behind, he would be Slim Twig. No, wait; if Bryan Ferry had just gotten stranger instead of retreating into standards, he would be Slim Twig. No, hold on, I’ve got it: if this world was better and the term ‘art-pop’ hadn’t been utterly diminished by late capitalism pouring liquid boring on top of beats, Slim Twig would be the king…or at least the prince in the shadows, plotting.” – Noisey
Slim Twig’s DFA Records debut, A Hound At The Hem, is released in the UK on December 1st.  The spooky new Meg Remy-directed video for ‘Maintain The Charade’ has arrived just in time for Halloween. Need a costume idea? Peep the video below because Slim Twig has you covered.

Originally released on vinyl in an extremely limited run via Twig’s own Calico Corplabel and Pleasence RecordsDFA will give A Hound At The Hem its proper release on December 1st. Self-produced in fall 2010, A Hound At The Hem is a suite of narrative songs thematically inspired by Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita. As a concept album exploring the troubling and the taboo and themes like the transformative power of lust,A Hound At The Hem can be interpreted as an echolike response to Serge Gainsbourg and Jean-Claude Vannier’s Histoire De Melody Nelson. Most of all, A Hound At The Hem poses the question; where next for Slim Twig, this promising and original auteur?


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BitTorrent download release via Earache Records

Download now:

Watch video: |

Teenage alt-rockers Kagoule have released a new video for their new track ‘It Knows It’ scheduled for release on limited 7” vinyl December 1st or free to download viaBitTorrent. Having recently toured with The Wytches and God Damn, the new video is released before upcoming gigs with seminal US band Sebadoh.

The fuzzed out video smells like the 90s, revealing fun, tongue-in-cheek “facts” about the band. ‘It Knows It’s is a huge, stomping track which revels as much in its own intensity as it does its cool control.

Kagoule’s mesmeric and visceral noise has seen them play Glastonbury Festival, get playlisted on BBC Radio 1, receive hype from the likes of NME and the Guardian, as well as playing shows alongside Temples, Merchandise, Drenge, METZ, Iceage and many more – all before the band are out of their teenage years.

Newly signed to legendary Nottingham label Earache, theirs is the sound of complete confidence yet open-minded, youthful exuberance. Having achieved so much off their own back, Kagoule’s future looks set to soar, following their recently finished recording of their debut album, due for release in 2015.

Download the BitTorrent which includes the single ‘It Knows It’ MP3 and video, ‘Adjust The Way’ MP3 and video, ‘Gush’ MP3, animated desktop background, handwritten letter and lyrics to the songs from:

See Kagoule play live at the following shows:

Tue Nov 4th                         Dingwalls, London (w/ Sebadoh)
Wed Nov 5th                       The Haunt, Brighton (w/ Sebadoh)


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“Broken Twin is the most arrestingly beautiful songwriter we’ve heard in aeons.” NME“Indisputably affecting… Fans of Cowboy Junkies and Mazzy Star should form an orderly queue” MOJO

“one of the most exquisite and haunting albums you’ll hear all year,”
Drowned In Sound

“It’s the crystal clarity of Broken Twin’s vocals that’s so arresting” The Independent

“The past year has seen Broken Twin establish her reputation as a songwriter with an unbearable poignancy” Clash

“something about the unaffected clarity of Broken Twin rings true straight away” Pitchfork

Broken Twin will perform as special guest to Damien Rice at the London Palladium on 7th November. Playing material from her debut album ‘May’, which came out earlier this year, the show follows successful appearances at Latitude, The Great Escape and a headline performance at St. John on Bethnal Green.

Fri 7th November – London – Palladium

Simplicity can be deceptive. Broken Twin’s music may be largely made up of piano, strings and Majke Voss Romme’s haunting vocals, but the debut album ‘May’ is a work of depth and beauty. Simplicity is key to its name, too. “I was looking for a title that was simple, and not giving too much away, reflecting the songs,” says the Danish auteur. “Also it represents a time of year that seems to fit the songs. Spring is a time when everything is changing. It’s a hopeful season.”

‘May’ is very much one artist’s labour, an intensely personal album that adheres to a singular vision. “I wanted to get back to basics, seeking a sound that was warm and lo-fi; minimal and spacious and focused on the songs,” says Majke. “I’m a new artist – I need to be sure about what I want to do before I can let anybody else in. It’s a very personal record.” In that spirit, it’s an album that refuses to hand the listener everything on a plate. Asked what the theme of her music is, she says “relations” and “emotional patterns”, and refuses to be drawn further. “I want people to find whatever they want in the songs.” Broken Twin songs are intended to live in the mind of the listener.
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Ruu Campbell – Heartsong
– debut album from former Leftfield vocalist re-released December 8th -

“With this as your soundtrack just surrender to the beauty of where you are, relax into the moment and breathe” Folk Radio

First single ‘The Call’ has 65,000 plays on Soundcloud

The LCAW remix of his track ‘The Call’ has amassed 220,000 plays on Soundcloud

Blog support from the likes of Drunken Werewolf, Indie Shuffle, The Music Ninja, The 405, and When The Gramophone Rings

Featured Track placements from Folk Geek [Track Of The Day], Folk Radio [Song Of The Day], and For Folks Sake [Track Of The Day]

’The Call’ has been featured in NBC’s smash hit series ‘Parenthood,’ while others from the LP have been employed for shows on MTV and ABC.

BBC 6 Music Plays from Chris Hawkin, Lauren Laverne, Mark Radcliffe + Nemone

BBC Radio 2 Plays from Jo Wiley, Dermot O’Leary and Janice Long

Having signed a major label deal with Dreamworks at 15, spent 2 years working with Leftfield, had a spell with trance outfit Younger Brother, and recorded collaborations with British jazz and electronic collective the Cinematic Orchestra, his debut solo LP is infused with his natural warmth and spirit, and is one that will be loved by any devotee of the bucolic charms of Nick Drake and John Martyn.   Already three tracks from it — ‘The Call,’ ‘Crossroads’ and ‘Mathereal’ — have been featured in NBC’s smash hit series ‘Parenthood,’ while others have been employed for shows on MTV and ABC.

Full Press Release:

From a major label deal with Dreamworks at 15, to 2 years work with Leftfield, a spell with trance outfit Younger Brother, collaborations with British jazz and electronic collective the Cinematic Orchestra, and now his debut solo album, Ruu Campbell will release his debut solo album this August.

Infused with his natural warmth and spirit, his debut solo record is one that will be loved by any devotee of the bucolic charms of Nick Drake and John Martyn.   Already ahead of its release three tracks from it — ‘The Call,’ ‘Crossroads’ and ‘Mathereal’ — have been featured in NBC’s smash hit series ‘Parenthood,’ while others have been employed for shows on MTV and ABC.

One day, back when Ruu Campbell was still a reluctant city dweller, his house got robbed. For many, it would have been a moment of physical and emotional trauma. But for Ruu, in the wider scheme of things, all was well. They didn’t steal his guitars.

Such is the unswerving spirit of this captivating English singer-songwriter that as long as he can keep his music and the people he loves close to him, that’s all he needs. Especially since that break-in was one of the catalysts for Campbell and his family to leave the city for the pastoral inspiration of the West Country. The result is the album ‘Heartsong,’ and it’s guaranteed to be one of this year’s most delightful acoustic pleasures.

Infused with his natural warmth and spirit, and with its gorgeously deft use of guitars, flute, cellos and violins, ‘Heartsong’ is a record that will be loved by any devotee of the bucolic charms of Nick Drake and John Martyn, but with Campbell’s stamp gently embossed on every elegantly-crafted track.

Born in Shrewsbury, he moved to London with his family, including two brothers and a sister, at an early age. By seven, in an early showing of his independent self, he started running away. “I’d pack my toothbrush and pretty much head out, so the police were always bringing me back,” he smiles. His first public performance was not inauspicious, either: singing ‘White Christmas’ in a choir for the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

“The big moment for me in music was at about ten,” he says. “I sat down at a piano and just felt a sense of complete departure from everything I’d known to that point. A sense of peace, calm, gentleness. My dad had been like ‘You can’t play anything you can’t carry,’ and almost shut the thing down on my fingers. But I’d steal into the music room at school all on my own and play every piano, I loved it.”

By 15, Campbell was landing his first label deal, with Funky Peace Productions. A publishing pact with Warner Chappell followed, after which he travelled the world for some time. When he returned, he secured that major label deal with Dreamworks, overseen by UK industry figurehead Geoff Travis. “It was one of those last huge signings where you got a big advance that they were never going to make back, unless I was going to have to massively compromise who I was,” he remembers. “I wanted to protect my English pedigree somehow, that sense of the green hills, but they were going more for the manufactured sort of thing.”

Campbell emerged all the wiser and went into Leftfield, working with the electro trailblazers for close to two years. “I was loving it, still very much trying to combine electronica with organic, if that mix could happen.” That combination then led him to a spell with the trance outfit Younger Brother, as co-writer and vocalist on their 2011 album ‘Vaccine.’

All of those experiences were steps along the route to where Ruu Campbell lives now. ‘Heartsong’ is the album he has always wanted to make, and one memorable recent sell-out solo performance at Ashley Wood Farm, in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside, has only whetted his appetite to play it everywhere. “I’m so happy now in the sound palette I’m in now, which is essentially woody and acoustic,” he says. “I want to share beauty with you as a listener, and I’m so happy that I can do it.”


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