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Del Paxton Premiere New Song on Absolutepunk

Split with Gulfer Out April 7 – Now Available For Pre-Order

Buffalo, NY’s Del Paxton are premiering a track off their upcoming Topshelf Records split with Montreal’s Gulfer, which will be released on April 7. Stream “Bad Batch” now on

Pre-orders are now available in the Topshelf store here.

Newly signed to Topshelf Records, Buffalo, NY’s Del Paxton released their first EP “Worst. Summer. Ever.” in August of 2013. During that that time the band played their worst shows and wrote their worst songs, but became the very best of bad friends.

Many bands in the ever fickle pop-punk or emo genre tend to tout their pureness of heartbreak, but not Del Paxton. Less weathered bands perform with the fresh optimism of the first winter snow. Del Paxton is the gritty morning commute. Their newest songs are short angsty brushes of fury. The brush that cuts across your windshield as your head counts seconds, the scrape across your headlights as you run out of time. Del Paxton captures the intensity of impending lateness.

Del Paxton is: Dylan England, Greg McClure, Zack Schoedel


Track Listing:

Del Paxton – Paline
Del Paxton – Bad Batch
Gulfer – F’real for Real
Gulfer – Bob Abate

Topshelf Records


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Anxious new music from Los Angeles trio White Arrows with amazing film to go with it. The new album incoming is an incredible tropical psych/pop explosion made up of catchy danceable tunes. 





A slice of seductive pop with undertones of anxiety, but the video elevates it to a whole other world” – Noisey

Sharply seductive, tinkling synths, beautiful vocals and striking visuals” – Clash Track of the Day

Los Angeles trio White Arrows are back with new music for 2015 driven by the dark, glacial and shimmering sound of ‘Nobody Cares’, released digitally via Votiv as a single on March 9th.

Following 2012’s debut album Dry Land Is Not A Myth, White Arrows found themselves in the studio for the first time sat alongside a producer, allowing them to interpret and articulate the ideas rattling around frontman Mickey Church’s imagination. The results spawned a meditative, ritualistic and uplifting experience as heard in the mesmerising new single ‘Nobody Cares’, taken from the forthcoming album In Bardo. 

“’Nobody Cares’ is about living in a self-obsessed society in a world moves so fast,” explains Mickey. “I specifically wrote it because it is how I feel 98% of the time: honestly, nobody cares. It’s about how living with that in mind can be bad and weird but also liberating. You could do something really embarrassing in life but in time people might only remember the incident but not the person. Because we’re all too self-absorbed. It really represents the sub-conscious lyrical through-line around which the album is built.”

The video for this naked journey was shot in Los Angeles with no permits withiin 2-3 takes only. Fitting that the outfit, worn by singer Mickey Church, was actually found ditched outside the Mexican tranny club where the footage was shot too.

The Californian band, who have played with the likes of Weezer, Santigold, White Denim and the Naked and Famous, have transcended their previous futurist funk, psychedelic rock and 80-flecked synth pop influences to create an experience – one that that defines their own world perfectly.

Feed your transitional state from this first offering and await album release news soon.

Find White Arrows at:


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The Acorn Reveal First New Track In Nearly Five Years With Noisey

‘Influence’ is taken from the band’s new studio album which will be released on Paper Bag Records this spring.

Website // Facebook // Paper Bag Records

“Off The Acorn’s upcoming album Vieux Loup, “Influence” opens with an infectious acoustic guitar riff and hollowed synths that float in tandem with Klausener’s barely audible vocals, creating a sound that is entirely minimalist in its execution.” – Noisey

Experimental indie-electro band The Acorn have revealed their first new music in nearly five years. The recording project of Ottawa-based musician Rolf Klausener, The Acorn will release their new studio album Vieux Loup this spring on Paper Bag Records – FURTHER INFO TBC.

“What started as a character study on privilege, became more of a treatise on effortless confidence: like Don Cheadle strutting down the street high-fiving his worst enemies,” says the band’s Rolf Klausener about ‘Influence’. “It was written around this lilting vocal improvisation that had no discernible verse or chorus; I wanted the melody to float from bedroom to bar, happily lost, immune to stink eyes.”

Speaking to Noisey, Klausener says “I never stopped writing, but in practical terms, I didn’t want a rebound,” says Klausener. “The period around our last record No Ghost contained some significant break-ups, both professionally and personally. I wasn’t ready to commit to anything, musically or otherwise. I’d lost perspective of the project’s place in my life, and felt saddled to a horse I didn’t recognize, or even know how to ride. By 2014, all distractions were exhausted, and so was I. So, I walked my ass to a cottage to root through four years worth of unfinished demos and make a lot of congee. I came home feeling like I was ready to reclaim my pony, even if she was called The Acorn.”

The Acorn will be performing as part of the Paper Bag Records SXSW Showcase at The Parish Underground (214 East 6th) on Friday, March 20th.  The Acorn will be joined by Grey Lands,Elliott BROODFrog EyesPS I Love You, and Princess Century.


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“Youth is a nervy bolt of Rock & Roll.” – Stereogum 

“Their dreamy garage-pop was very good indeed and they definitely have a bright future ahead of them, especially if they continue to write songs as good as ‘Fish’. – The Line of Best Fit

“Sparse yet emphatic, there are shades of early PJ Harvey or Sleater-Kinney in the directness of the songwriting. Capable of shifting intensity within a few seconds, Pale Honey have a remarkable sense of control for such a fresh group.” – Clash

PALE HONEY is a minimalistic rock duo from Gothenburg, Sweden. Already likened to artists likes PJ Harvey, Land of Talk and Sleater-Kinney, and calling to mind the sonic textures of Alvvays and Beach House, their debut single proper ‘Youth’ has just landed. Bathed in a tone that conveys nonchalance and sincerity in equal measure, the track premiered at Stereogum this week, who said;

“Youth comes in like a slow-moving storm; first, it’s just a drizzle, a solitary little synth line, then drums and Tuva’s low, slow vocals. But when her guitar explodes into the frenzied, nervy bolt of the chorus, she keeps her voice subdued, creating this sense of tension and control that adds an intimate, feminine layer to the song.”

Hear the single here, released March 2nd here: 

Tuva Lodmark (guitar / vocals) and Nelly Daltrey (drums) said the following of the track: “Youth started to take shape one summer that we spent locked up, sweating in our new rehearsal room. The playful guitar riff set the pace for the drums and the vibe was clear to us – the laid back sound gave the feeling of controlled coolness, which we later wanted to match the lyrics with. We recorded the song in Paris with our producer Anders Lagerfors and from there the song grew into the more wild, attitude-filled song, still keeping the simple playfulness. Being inspired by our ultimate decision – to start daring to make our own music and just go for it no matter what (probably paired with the usual personal awakening that every Swedish summer brings after the cold, dark winter) the lyrics are about letting go, getting over things and just keep going with your head held up high and starting to earn your bruises.”

Youth is taken from the self-titled debut album, out May 4th on Bolero Records.


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“Grumbling synths, the hulking death-waltz of percussion and electro-gothic strings all align to create something beautifully harrowing. It’s majestic too, encapsulating the glory of shadows like Bjork or Lykke Li.” – The Line of Best Fit

If a certain psychic had her way, Lila Rose wouldn’t have made WE.ANIMALS.

The Toronto-born, California-based singer-songwriter has grown up with two great passions in her life: music, and an interest in protecting our planet and the millions of creatures big and small that call it home. But with those loves have come pains as well. She was born with a form of hyperacusis, a sensitivity that makes some natural sounds unbearable, and some music even more intense to listen to. Too, there was the seeming indifference of a great many people to the plight of our environment.

Rose has already found a way to push back against her discomfort with sound to make some beautiful and challenging music. But she has long wanted to use that same fighting spirit to dare us humans to be better stewards of our planet with an album that vents her frustration and expresses her affection. What she wasn’t sure of was whether she could, which is why she sought the services of a clairvoyant, seeking the answer to whether it was time to bring this album to life.

“She said, ‘No, you have another album in you before the animal album,’” remembers Rose. “Well…she was wrong.”

It’s a tidy metaphor for Rose’s drive to make WE.ANIMALS. in the first place: rather than listen to the voice of a human, she decided to listen to the cries of our home planet and the  countless number of animal species that are endangered or extinct due to mans’ mistreatment and disregard. And what came out as a result are 11 songs which matche her dismay and distress with music that is loud, brash, and unavoidable.

Recorded at both a small studio in the woods outside Santa Cruz and at world famous Fantasy Studios in Berkeley, WE.ANIMALS. uses the music to reflect its thematic concerns as well. Rose and her producer/bandmate Daniel Garcia moved away from the electronic-based sound that marked her acclaimed 2012 album Heart Machine, using mostly live instrumentation to complement the tone of the lyrics.

“Daniel helped me understand that I had some dark rock in my soul,” Rose says. “He definitely brought that out in me. That dark organic weird heavy sound like Nine Inch Nails, Tool, and Radiohead. We also definitely wanted to hold instruments in our hands as opposed to sitting in front of a computer.”

There are plenty of electronic elements – the thrumming drone of synths and some programmed beats – threaded throughout WE.ANIMALS. but what you’ll hear foremost are those big booming drums, the horns and strings, and Rose’s versatile, impassioned vocals.

Of course, Rose has been getting attention for her pointed lyrics and stirring voice since she started making music back in Toronto in the late ‘00s. But the majority of the raves have come since she relocated to California. It’s there that she was able to record her first EP (Osmos Your Sonica) and Heart Machine, as well as being named Best Bay Area Musician in 2014 by the East Bay Express.

As great as all this attention has been, Rose has bigger aims in mind, especially when WE.ANIMALS. is brought into the world this spring, and she is able to bring them to audiences on her upcoming tour, which kicks off in May.

“I want people to see the interconnectedness of all life,” she says. “I want the music to allow people to feel the expansiveness of their emotions, and to feel passionate and angry and inspired to make change in our lives for the greater scope of things.”


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