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‘Bronson’s solid songwriting is evidenced here with a wonderful hook, illuminating the role of the Songbird. “She is just singing, she is not asking why.” He clearly delivers that sense of searching for a purpose, and then just keeping on track.’ Premiered byAcoustic Nation

‘Songbird just came out so purely and easily. It’s almost like the message of the song, and the way in which it came into the world were one and the same. And the way that it starts, with Robin (Clark) and Lea (Lórien Alomar) in beautiful counterpoint just seemed like a perfect way to start the record. There’s something about starting off the album with a voice other than mine that I really like. You would only do that if it’s something special, and you’re not going to get more special than Robin Clark.” David Bronson


David Bronson
Third Album ‘Questions’
Out 19th January on Big Arc

“Carefully etched songwriting” – Clash

‘’It would seem David Bronson has soaked up all the best parts of ‘70s rock and created his own vibe, which feels surprisingly new.’’ Magnet

“Fans of Neil Young, George Harrison, and the like… Give a listen to David Bronson.” Daytrotter
David Bronson’s new album Questions plays like a soul-drenched paean to the uncertainties of burgeoning adulthood. While the artist’s twenties, as documented on his first two records, were anything but a light-hearted emotional romp, the new album shows that his thirties are proving to be just as uncertain, though in quite different ways. Much like on his prior albums, Bronson makes no attempt to avoid the heavy things.

Subtle echoes of Graceland/Rhythm of the Saints era Paul Simon and John Lennon’s solo work run through the songs’ instrumentation, melodies and arrangements. And shades of So/Us era Peter Gabriel are felt through the emotional and psychological imagery, and lyrical evocations of partnership and familial archetypes.

Bronson’s 2013 decade-in-the-making, 22-song autobiographical double album debut, The Long Lost Story, bore naked the inner torments of post adolescent, coming-of-age crises of love and identity. Questions feels not only like a much wiser affair, but a wholly more life-affirming one as well. This stems as much from the music as the lyrics, which sees Bronson moving from the deeply textured, almost psychedelic indie folk rock of The Long Lost Story to Questions’ deceptively fluid amalgam of soul, gospel, folk, and dance-funk grafted on to the classic 70’s-infused singer-songwriting he’s become known for.

According to Bronson, there was something very unusual about the album right from the start. “Each major stage of this record was pure magic. You just know it when you’re in the middle of something very special taking place. Everyone present feels it.’’ When questioned about this latest musical endeavour Bronson adds ‘’It was crucially important to me to produce something that was infinitely more current to my life, and to the much newer place my songwriting had been moving toward.’’

Bronson is joined on the record by the likes of vocalist Robin Clark (Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson, Al Green, Bruce Springsteen, Beyonce, David Bowie) guitarist Carlos Alomar (David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Paul McCartney, John Lennon) and his daughter Lea-Lórien Alomar, guitarist Robbie “Seahag” Mangano, drummer Lautaro Burgos, not forgetting the vocal contribution made by Gordon Grody and the production prowess of studio legend Godfrey Diamond (Lou Reed).

In the 2 years since anyone first heard anything of David Bronson, he’s established a national touring regimen and growing fan base in the U.S, UK and further afield, performed at some of the most highly regarded indie venues, music programs and festivals in North America, released an abnormally large catalogue of artistically-driven and critically lauded music videos, and been hailed by hundreds of music writers and publications as one of the most heartfelt and emotionally raw new artists in music.


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So some of you may be wondering, “who the hell is Thomas Nicholas?” – well I’m sure you may be slightly more familiar with his face from seeing the box office hit movie AMERICAN PIE and its sequels where Nicholas plays Kevin Myers.

As well as a longstanding career in acting from the age of 7, Thom also has a great passion for music and has been performing for many years, with his debut album ‘Without Warning’ released in 2008.

His new single ‘Terrified’ is taken from his latest EP ‘Security’ which was released earlier this year and written with the help of Caleb Turman (Forever the Sickest Kids).


Thomas Nicholas and Matt Kennedy (The Dangerous Summer) are returning to the UK for their third acoustic duo tour, which will include after parties with alternate DJ sets by Nicholas.

Catch Thomas Nicholas at the below dates;

Nicholas will be seen on the upcoming FOX TV series entitled ‘Red Band Society’ He portrays the role of Nick, a rock musician that volunteers at the kid’s hospital.

For further Information


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launch first track of upcoming album

DEATH WOLF have just launched a first glimpse into “III: Östergötland”, the upcoming new studio album, which is scheduled to be released via Blooddawn Productions/Century Media Records in spring 2015. Check out the brand new track “Today King, Tomorrow Dead” here:

DEATH WOLF have moderately added some new elements to their deathly blackened punk rock widening the band’s musical horizon and guaranteeing some surprising twists and turns. The new track with its hard rocking main riff and ominous heaviness is a pretty fine example for DEATH WOLF’s new found variety. On “III: Östergötland” you will find the band’s by far most captivating and diverse material, ranging from the well-known Samhain-influenced punk rock to the post-apocalyptic crust of Amebix and Bathory/Celtic Frost-like blackness spiced up with a good dose of straight-forward metal.

The vinyl-only “Liksjöns Drickare” EP, that was released as a foretaste to the new album, can still be purchase at CM Distro:

The full tracklist and the exact release date will be announced soon.

The wolf of death is on the prowl.

DEATH WOLF online:

Century Media Records online:

Century Media webshop:


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Owlle premieres new track ‘Fog’ at Wonderland Magazine 
Debut album ‘France’ out on November 17th

Stream ‘Fog’ here 

The debut album ‘France’
Released November 17th in the UK via Sony Music – Jive/Epic – Aztec Records Ltd
Features the forthcoming single ‘Fog’

“Her breakout single, the sparkly synth-laden “Ticky Ticky,” tiptoes across your eardrums and practically forces you out onto the dance floor.” – Nylon

“Darkly danceable electro-pop… all tinged with sadness. You can hear the subtle influences of Bronksi Beat, Madonna and the subtle hints of Frank Ocean.”  – Notion

“French electro-pop chanteuse Owlle is set to take the world by storm with her unique fusing of 80s era melody, super danceable beats and a pop-art aesthetic.” – Amelia’s

For French 20-something, Owlle, music is a way to tell stories, a way to embrace freedom and other worlds, and very much expose two sides of the same coin. In Owlle’s world, the things that initially seem quite different from one another can often reveal themselves to be quite closely interlinked. As an arts graduate, on her debut album France, she continually demonstrates that visual art can be as much an influence over recorded output as other sounds themselves can. Having experienced her own light bulb moment at one of Brian Eno’s audio-visual installations, the effects were apparently long lasting; “I’m not sure if I’d ever have dared to start a musical career if it wasn’t for the rush I got when I discovered one of Eno’s audio-visual installations at an art fair. It was called Quiet Club and the way sound and visuals interacted truly fascinated me.”

An atmosphere of contradiction within music is never far from Owlle’s mindset either (“I like mixing different or even antagonistic atmospheres”) and it’s these more mercurial traits that have earned her comparisons to others such as, Chairlift, Lykke Li, Bat For Lashes and Grimes. The signposts can be followed on tracks like Ticky Ticky, with its toe-tapping melancholia and fizzing electronics. or on forthcoming single, and album opener Fog, which somehow manages to feel both claustrophobic and free at the same time. Of the record, Owlle has said that often “there’s the notion of someone running incessantly after something”, and it’s perhaps the pace of Fog that sets this tone for the rest of the album. Whatever her motives, France bursts with ideas, leads the listener through darkened corridors, and manages to capture that most illusive of pop virtues; Style and Substance. Owlle has both to spare.

Leading into the UK release of France, Owlle has bothered the top of Hype Machine with remixed versions of her own tracks (most notably cuts by St Pepsi and Maelstrom, Moonlight Matters), while Owlle herself has remixed the likes of Sia and Depeche Mode.  Further tracks have featured on mixtapes for i-D, Under Your Sun was featured as one of Daytrotter’s Best Songs of 2013 and she has gone on to support artists like Sebastian Tellier and Phoenix on tour. 2013 saw her play at Lovebox and feature at various discovery festivals in Europe, including The Great Escape, Eurosonic, Reeperbahn and China’s own Strawberry Festival.


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‘On The Rocks’ is built around strident, muscular songwriting. Staring life’s problems straight in the eye, The Rural Alberta Advantage pour their folk inflections into something engaging and probing. – Clash



The Rural Alberta Advantage have unveiled another song from their upcoming third album Mended With GoldListen to “On The Rocks” here.  Mended With Gold, will be released on September 29th. The twelve-track album was recorded at Toronto’s Candle Recording with the band’s long-time live engineer Matt Lederman (Hayden, !!!, Besnard Lakes) alongside  co-producer Leon Taheny (Owen Pallett, Austra, F*cked Up). Pre-order the albumhere from Paper Bag Records or here from iTunes. UK live dates can be found below.

“One of the events which inspired ‘On the Rocks’ is related to my first trip out to Newfoundland well over a decade ago,” says the band’s Nils Edenloff. “So I’m also pretty happy with the double entendre as it relates to the song. We may be the Rural Alberta Advantage, but anyone who knows northern Alberta (i.e. Fort McMurray) will understand that Newfoundland isn’t too far out of my wheelhouse.”

In 2006 singer-songwriter Nils Edenloff, percussionist Paul Banwatt, and multi-instrumentalist Amy Cole came together to release their debut self-titled EP as The Rural Alberta Advantage. The ensuing years have brought two full-length albums (2008’s Hometowns and 2011’s Departing), widespread critical praise (SPIN, The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, NPR, among others), two Juno Award nominations (Best New Group, Video of the Year), the Polaris Music Prize Long List, and a hard earned reputation as one of the most impressive live bands you’ll ever see. It was through all of this that The RAA’s latest album, Mended With Gold, took shape.

November Live Dates (UK): 

21 Birmingham, The Hair and Hounds
22 Glasgow, Broadcast
24 Leeds, Brundenell Social Club
25 Manchester, Soup Kitchen
26 London, Islington Assembly


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