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BLACK FOXXES release new track ‘Home’
Debut EP ‘Pines’ set for release on 24th November

“another showing of the British rock scene in rude health.” – Rock Sound
nothing short of extraordinary.” – The Independent

South west three-piece Black Foxxes have unveiled another track from their forthcoming EP ‘Pines’. Titled ‘Home’, the track documents guitarist/vocalist Mark Holley’s toil with the progression of his life. As he says “it reflects how frustrated I was feeling at the time of writing. I’m an extremely solitary person and the song mirrors those emotions. The line about building a home simply equates to wanting to have a life completely by myself, where I don’t have to live up to anyone else’s expectations.”

Black Foxxes will release their debut EP ‘Pines’ on 24th November. Doing so totally independently, the trio have cultivated a sound incorporating a dynamic mix of raw noise, extremely immersive vocal breaks and guitar hooks that are almost disconcerting, so considered is their drive. The previously released evocative music video for ‘River’ accompanies a moving song about the stigma attached to people falling in love. Tackling the situations people have to go through to find themselves at a young age, ‘River’ is a very relatable slice of emotive rock.

Elsewhere on the EP, ‘You Could Have Been A Man’ documents vocalist Mark Holley‘s struggle with Crohn’s disease and its detrimental effect on his life experiences. It’s a bleak track but one which enabled Black Foxxes’ existence and as he says “I’d take years of suffering for that any day.” The track ‘Pines’ is equally anguished but more abstract in its subject matter focusing on a fictional character in turmoil. Opener ‘You Gotta Grow’ explores small town claustrophobia with ‘Home’ being another exploration of frustration.

Already pricking the ears of BBC Introducing through both regional and Radio 1 plays, the band have single ‘You Gotta Grow’ already under their belts and look set to continue their trajectory towards the forefront of British rock music with their debut EP. You can’t really sum up Black Foxxes’ sound by comparing them to other artists, but they certainly concur that the classics stand the test of time for a reason. Mixing the raw, intense sound of those that paved the way for popular acts of today (Neil Young, Nirvana, Led Zeppelin) with a contemporary twist akin to the likes of Brand New and Manchester Orchestra, Black Foxxes are ready to fly the flag for modern British rock.

20th November – Indie Club at The Cavern, Exeter EP LAUNCH
24th November – The Stillery, London FREE SHOW

Mark Holley – Guitar / Vocals # Tristan Jane – Bass # Ant Thornton – Drums #


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Butch Walker

7th Studio Album Afraid Of Ghosts

Produced by Ryan Adams,

Out February 2nd via Lojinx in Europe

New track ‘21+’ featuring Johnny Depp 

Butch Walker has announced his highly anticipated seventh full-length album Afraid Of Ghostsout February 3via Lojinx in Europe (on Dangerbird in the US). With his remarkably diverse resume that includes everything from guitar god to GRAMMY and CMA nominated producer, Walker’s new LP shows both skill and tenderness. The production was helmed by Ryan Adams at his PAX AM Studios in LA along with friends & special guests Johnny Depp and Bob Mould. With gritty hints of folk, pop and rock, Afraid Of Ghosts weaves a journey through life, love, death and everything in between.

The album opens with title track “Afraid of Ghosts” which finds Walker attempting to come to terms with his demons over spare acoustic guitar notes and accordion chords, while the gentle du-wop of “How Are Things Love” brings both the artist and the listener back in time. “Bed On Fire” takes things back up a notch as haunting strings and electric guitar build to a chill-inducing distorted crescendo.

First album single “Chrissie Hynde” wistfully recounts the legendary Pretenders front-woman’s voice coming through the speakers, over a combination of acoustic and electric guitar, piano and a solitary drumbeat, captivating as always with Walker’s effortlessly unique vocals.

On “21+” he unleashes another wistful taste from his sublime record, building from acoustic guitar and gentle “ooh’s” to a smoldering guitar solo by actor Johnny Depp. As Butch tells it, “so I wrote a song called “21+”…. and no, it’s not a Florida Georgia line song about trying to get into a bar with a fake ID, cooler full of cold beer, pickup truck, girl, babe, angel, tight jeans yada yada yada… sorry. It’s actually just a sad song with a total bummer of a lyric…. for your sad days. But i like it. So here it is.”

Throughout his career, Butch Walker has always inspired with his infectious yet never over-bearing sense of melody. He joins his friend Ryan Adams on the road in the US this autumn for a nationwide tour. Together he & Adams will be one thing: undeniable.



Afraid of Ghosts Track Listing:


  1. Afraid of Ghosts
  2. I Love You
  3. Chrissie Hynde
  4. Still Drunk
  5. How Are Things, Love
  6. Bed On Fire
  7. 21+
  8. Autumn Leaves
  9. Father’s Day
  10. The Dark


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”A truly rare yet approachable sound… eeriness of a John Foxx (Ultravox) track.” A Music Blog, Yea?

Swedish musicologist, Karl Magnus Martinsson (AKA Magnus Reimer) is set to make his mark on contemporary electronic music with his latest track ‘It Turns Out’, set to surface this autumn. A musical academic, the track cleverly draws upon an arpeggio-rich classical style of keyboard playing but with the sounds and tones of modern Electronica. Soaking up the influence of fellow Swedes Thus Owls and The Tallest Man On Earth, Reimer also drawn on classic pop in the vein of David Bowie as well as the more technically classical Tchaikovsky. It Turns Out boasts a clear sense of melancholy and thoughtfulness.

Coming from a family of musicians, it only seemed right that Reimer learn to play the piano, and at the age of 7 was already studying the instrument. Having finished his time at University of Gothenburg, reading musicology, it was only a matter of time before a demo EP led to the release of single ‘Throw Yourself’. These first steps from Reimer into the world of commercial music were greeted with good press with one newspaper describing the Swede’s debut EP as ‘Music that really wants to fill the void and does so’,  also complimenting his ‘completely brilliant vocals’.

The self proclaimed introvert’s new release encompasses art photographer Anna Lamberg on the video front, with audiences exposed to a surreal experience of slow motion smoke and floating objects giving a stimulating under water feel to the video. The audio for the track, featuring on unreleased album ‘Tidal Lock’, was crafted with the help of Gothenburg mastering engineer Hans Olsson Brookes at one of Scandinavia’s leading recording studios Svenska Grammofonstudion

This new release from the Swedish synth and keyboard virtuoso certainly touches on electronic music’s past but with a definite branding of the Swede’s own musical identity of experimentalism, electronica, Swedish folk and classical music. In his own words, Reimer believes the track has a lot to offer; “I wanted to write a song which felt honest and direct, but from improvisations came a song which startled me with its simple beauty and complex layers of emotion. I surprised myself and I hope it will surprise others.”

Magnus Reimer on:

Official page


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‘’assured, enticing and all the more powerful live’’ Music Week

For Devonian songwriter James Robinson, the decision to leave behind the comfort of his touring band, and friends, was a tough one to make. Fronting Brighton-based, alt-pop band Two Spot Gobi, Robinson found success touring the UK, USA and Europe in support of household names such as Jason Mraz and Bruno Mars. Something wasn’t clicking for him though, and his focus slowly shifted toward other was to express himself through music. He was growing up.

Deciding to look at the positives, and see it as a chance to raid his own personal treasure trove of lyrics scribbled on napkins while on tour, ideas saved into smartphones and forgotten melodies locked away in old Garage Band files, he set about following up 2012’s ‘Ropes’ EP, bringing these pieces up to date with fresh inspiration and new production direction. Holing up in the studio with Fink and Lily Allen producer Max Gilkes, new life was breathed into the first songs to emerge, eventually culminating in what would become ‘Start a Fire’. Robinson’ offers his own thoughts on the result: “At times it’s energetic and hopeful, other times it’s a little more pragmatic and cynical but creatively speaking it’s where I find myself currently – somewhere in between. It’s real, and I hope people will grasp that”.

The title track’s bustling percussion offers a brisk glimpse into Robinson’s thoughtful world but the centrepiece here is the understatedly epic Holes In The Sky. What begins playful, strides assuredly on with the introduction of electric guitar and further percussion, ensuring an expansive atmosphere. EP closer Smoke & Ashes, contrastingly, feels totally personal. We’re let into something that was perhaps meant for one person to hear – something for a troubled soul. It’s this that Robinson excels at. He sets the scene wonderfully and, under Gilkes skilful production, brings images to life and creates a mood to get lost in, with one eye firmly focussed on melody.

The Start A Fire EP will be released on December 1st.


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‘Bronson’s solid songwriting is evidenced here with a wonderful hook, illuminating the role of the Songbird. “She is just singing, she is not asking why.” He clearly delivers that sense of searching for a purpose, and then just keeping on track.’ Premiered byAcoustic Nation

‘Songbird just came out so purely and easily. It’s almost like the message of the song, and the way in which it came into the world were one and the same. And the way that it starts, with Robin (Clark) and Lea (Lórien Alomar) in beautiful counterpoint just seemed like a perfect way to start the record. There’s something about starting off the album with a voice other than mine that I really like. You would only do that if it’s something special, and you’re not going to get more special than Robin Clark.” David Bronson


David Bronson
Third Album ‘Questions’
Out 19th January on Big Arc

“Carefully etched songwriting” – Clash

‘’It would seem David Bronson has soaked up all the best parts of ‘70s rock and created his own vibe, which feels surprisingly new.’’ Magnet

“Fans of Neil Young, George Harrison, and the like… Give a listen to David Bronson.” Daytrotter
David Bronson’s new album Questions plays like a soul-drenched paean to the uncertainties of burgeoning adulthood. While the artist’s twenties, as documented on his first two records, were anything but a light-hearted emotional romp, the new album shows that his thirties are proving to be just as uncertain, though in quite different ways. Much like on his prior albums, Bronson makes no attempt to avoid the heavy things.

Subtle echoes of Graceland/Rhythm of the Saints era Paul Simon and John Lennon’s solo work run through the songs’ instrumentation, melodies and arrangements. And shades of So/Us era Peter Gabriel are felt through the emotional and psychological imagery, and lyrical evocations of partnership and familial archetypes.

Bronson’s 2013 decade-in-the-making, 22-song autobiographical double album debut, The Long Lost Story, bore naked the inner torments of post adolescent, coming-of-age crises of love and identity. Questions feels not only like a much wiser affair, but a wholly more life-affirming one as well. This stems as much from the music as the lyrics, which sees Bronson moving from the deeply textured, almost psychedelic indie folk rock of The Long Lost Story to Questions’ deceptively fluid amalgam of soul, gospel, folk, and dance-funk grafted on to the classic 70’s-infused singer-songwriting he’s become known for.

According to Bronson, there was something very unusual about the album right from the start. “Each major stage of this record was pure magic. You just know it when you’re in the middle of something very special taking place. Everyone present feels it.’’ When questioned about this latest musical endeavour Bronson adds ‘’It was crucially important to me to produce something that was infinitely more current to my life, and to the much newer place my songwriting had been moving toward.’’

Bronson is joined on the record by the likes of vocalist Robin Clark (Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson, Al Green, Bruce Springsteen, Beyonce, David Bowie) guitarist Carlos Alomar (David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Paul McCartney, John Lennon) and his daughter Lea-Lórien Alomar, guitarist Robbie “Seahag” Mangano, drummer Lautaro Burgos, not forgetting the vocal contribution made by Gordon Grody and the production prowess of studio legend Godfrey Diamond (Lou Reed).

In the 2 years since anyone first heard anything of David Bronson, he’s established a national touring regimen and growing fan base in the U.S, UK and further afield, performed at some of the most highly regarded indie venues, music programs and festivals in North America, released an abnormally large catalogue of artistically-driven and critically lauded music videos, and been hailed by hundreds of music writers and publications as one of the most heartfelt and emotionally raw new artists in music.


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